Stories Told

Here is a tally of my written stories. Admittedly this list serves my vanity more than anything, but here it goes.


Domus Solis — This is my epic science fiction novel. It’s the first thing I had ever tried to write. It came out at 1400 hand written pages. I decided to chop it into thirds. The first book, Domus Solis, had been rewritten at least a dozen times. The second, Domus Alienissimus, had been written, but not well edited and I chose to put it away until something good happens to the first book. The third book, Domus Termoilus, still sits in its roughest form. I love this story.

The Eaters — A sci-fi novelette about a dumb-ass who wakes up on an alien planet. This story was fun to write. The main character, the aliens, the reluctant love interest, every piece made me smile as they came to life…on paper.

Entangled Souls — A horror short story around 5000 words. This is the first story I’ve had published. It was published in an anthology called Dark Moon Presents: Ghosts, though it crosses well into another horror genre.

Collider Cycle — Another sci-fi novelette. It’s a fast paced action story that tracks across the globe from one scientific institution to another. The main character believes he’s proving a new theory, in actuality he’s manipulated into destroying civilization.

Scratch Brains — This is another horror short story. It’s a possession tale that gets a little too close to reality.

Cobra’s Commander — A little pet project I wrote in response to a movie that didn’t satisfy a lifetime’s pent up expectations. But then, that’s how I began writing in the first place.

Genesis Abmortal — I was invited to a vaguely secret project and laughed so hard when I heard the topic for this anthology that I wrote twenty-five zombie jokes before I actually found a theme for the story. Some of the jokes got worked in. It was published in an anthology called Zombies Need Love, Too. Hilarious.

Cabbage Run — My second science fiction novel. First planned novel. I worked hard on the preparation, planned for months and went into it with clear goals and ambitions. The rough draft took eight months. It feels good to know I can turn out vast quantities of material on a time line. And it’s a pretty good story.

Balboa Island — A descent into madness story set in sunny Southern California. I researched the location with a long drifting paddle around the island, took a long walk to soak up the atmosphere and even a ferry ride across the bay. Terrible work, that was.

Schism — This was a quick short story set in the distant future to get me by while on hiatus from editing other stuff. I had a hideous scene in mind and just wanted to write into something. Oh, how I giggled, but the thing took a right turn and actually became a love story with sympathetic characters and a timeless moral.

Panic — Another short story, this one a sci-fi tale to further occupy my mind while forcing myself to not edit. This one got knocked out exactly on time. The rough draft done within two weeks, outlining and everything.

Code Name Firefly — This is the second part to Cobra’s Commander. It was supposed to be a short story, the second of four I have planned for this project, but this story got away from me. What was supposed to be 5000 words became 22,000 really quick. I had the outline dialed in however the story needed to be told and the short form just wouldn’t work.


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